A common view about safety is that it is like a winter coat. Once the weather is cold, a person will put it on; but when it gets warmer, they feel less inclined to use it. This is similar to work. When a dangerous situation comes along on during your duties, people become more concerned about personal safety. However, just because the crisis is averted, doesn’t mean safety concerns should disappear. A safe attitude should carry over into everything we do; whether you’re working, fishing, or driving home for the night.

The way a lease pumper drives is often a good reflection on their attitude towards work safety. For example, speed limits are set as a safety precaution for motorists concerning how fast it is safe for a driver to go on a given road in good conditions (dry roads, fair weather, normal traffic, etc.). During the optimum weather conditions, many drivers will feel going a few miles over the speed limit isn’t a big deal; and in most cases, this is true as long as the road maintains ideal conditions. Unfortunately, these ideal situations can cause a person’s attention to wonder, such as a lease pumper thinking about all the tasks they have ahead of them for the day, making the driver no longer as alert as he was before. A light scatter rainstorm can create wet pavement in an area up ahead, an oncoming care-without warning, or a blown tire; there are hundreds of possibilities that can occur in the blink of an eye. However, by this point it no longer matters what happened or why; it is about the crash or injury.

Every year people are severely injured over situations that could have easily been avoided. Things like driving while reading a newspaper, talking on the phone, or other circumstances that became more important than the person’s personal safety. To be a successful lease pumper, you need to make the aspect of safety as essential to your job as when you are driving a car.